1. 1a.

      Table of awarded special item numbers:

      MAS SIN 541330ENGEngineering Services
      MAS SIN 541380Testing Laboratories
      MAS SIN 541420Engineering System Design and Integration Services
      MAS SIN 541715Engineering Research and Development and Strategic Planning
      MAS SIN OLMOrder-Level Materials
      1b.Lowest priced model number and unit price for each SIN:
      O1-Scientist/Engineer/Analyst Intern or Senior Technical Assistant*$50.34$51.35$52.37$53.42$54.49
      1c.Labor Category Description: Provided herein under Labor Categories section.
      2.Maximum order: $1,000,000.
      3.Minimum order: $100.
      4.Geographic coverage (delivery area): SURVICE Engineering Company will provide domestic and overseas delivery.
      5.Point of production: Belcamp, Maryland
      6.Statement of net price: All prices quoted are net.
      7.Quantity discounts: N/A
      8.Prompt payment terms: None. [Information for Ordering Offices: Prompt payment terms cannot be negotiated out of the contractual agreement in exchange for other concessions.]
      9a.Government purchase cards are accepted up to the micro-purchase threshold.
      9b.Government purchase cards are accepted above the micro-purchase threshold.
      10.Foreign items: N/A
      11a.Time of delivery: As agreed to in each Task Order/Purchase Order.
      11b.Expedited Delivery: N/A
      11c.Overnight and 2-day delivery: N/A
      11d.Urgent Requirements: As agreed to in each Task Order/Purchase Order.
      12.F.o.b. point: Destination
      Ordering address:SURVICE Engineering Company
      4695 Millennium Drive
      Belcamp, MD 21017-1505
      13b.Ordering Procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s) are found in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.405-3.
      Payment address:SURVICE Engineering Company
      4695 Millennium Drive
      Belcamp, MD 21017-1505
      Warranty provision:SURVICE Engineering Company warranties all work to be of the highest quality within the parameters set by each client for all work completed during the contract period.
      16.Export packing charges: N/A
      17.Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance: Contact Customer
      18.Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair: None
      19.Terms and conditions of installation: None
      20.Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any discounts from list prices: None
      20a.Terms and conditions for any other services: None
      21.List of service and distribution points: None
      22.List of participating dealers: N/A
      23.Preventive maintenance: N/A
      24a.Environmental attributes, e.g., recycled content, energy efficiency, and/or reduced pollutants: All office machines, computers, and peripheral equipment meet EnergyStar requirements.
      24b.Section 508 Compliance: N/A
      25.Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number: 035414697
      26.Notification regarding registration in the System of Award Management (SAM) database: SURVICE Engineering Company is registered in the SAM database.