SURVICE Engineering

The SURVICE Engineering Company has been dedicated to providing safe, survivable, and effective systems for U.S. combat personnel since 1981. The roots of the company date back to the 1960s, when heavy losses of aircraft in Southeast Asia compelled organizations such as the U.S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory—and a young engineer named Jim Foulk—to set out to diagnose the specific causes of these losses and find practical engineering solutions to prevent them. Jim and several other pioneers also recognized at this time the vital need to integrate survivability into all phases of system development. The results of their innovative efforts not only saved countless lives and aircraft but also laid the foundation for the modern survivability discipline.

It was upon this foundation that Jim Foulk established SURVICE. Since its inception, the company has continued to grow in size, capability, and the range of services offered in support of National Defense. Today, SURVICE provides a wide range of engineering services for air, ground, and sea systems. Investing in high-quality personnel, tools, and technologies have enabled us to remain on the leading edge of the industry. 

Our primary focus areas include:

Systems Analysis and Engineering

Information Technologies and Management

Metrology and Reverse Engineering

Test and Evaluation

Modeling and Simulation/Software Engineering

Cyber Survivability and Security

Although many of the threats faced in recent conflicts, such as the Global War on Terror, are much different than those faced in the 1960s, SURVICE has kept pace with those threats, offering skilled work teams, integrated processes, and customized approaches to help our DoD and related customers analyze pertinent issues and maximize their success.

SURVICE's expanded capabilities have also translated into an expanded client base, and we now support customers in numerous non-DoD markets, including homeland defense, energy, and environmental monitoring.In short, based on a strong foundation in

, an ongoing investment in high- quality staff and resources, and an unwavering commitment to our customers throughout Government and industry, the SURVICE Engineering Company is helping to meet the technical challenges of today and tomorrow.

SURVICE Engineering Company is an independent small business providing a single source for a wide range of integrated combat system survivability and weapon system effectiveness engineering services and advanced computing products.